KC at Energy 2013

Robert S. Brewer, Yongwen Xu, George E. Lee, Michelle Katchuck, Carleton A. Moore, and Philip M. Johnson published a paper at Energy 2013 entitled “Energy Feedback for Smart Grid Consumers: Lessons Learned from the Kukui Cup”.

Abstract: To achieve the full benefits of the Smart Grid, end users must become active participants in the energy ecosystem. This paper presents the Kukui Cup challenge, a serious game designed around the topic of energy conservation which incorporates a variety of energy feedback visualizations, a multifaceted serious game with online educational activities, and real-world activities such as workshops and excursions.

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KC at BECC 2012

Yongwen and Michelle presented research at the 2012 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference (BECC). The conference focused on understanding the behavior and decision making of individuals and organizations and using that knowledge to accelerate our transition to an energy efficient and low carbon future. Yongwen presented “Makahiki: A Serious Game Engine for Sustainability” and Michelle presented on “What Really Motivates Behavior Change?”

KC at Meaningful Play 2012

Philip M. Johnson, Yongwen Xu, Robert S. Brewer, George E. Lee, Michelle Katchuck, and Carleton A. Moore published the paper “Beyond kWh: Myths and fixes for energy competition game design” at the 2012 Meaningful Play conference at Michigan State University.

Abstract: The Kukui Cup project investigates the use of ‘meaningful play’ to facilitate energy awareness, conservation and behavioral change. Each Kukui Cup Challenge combines real world and online environments in an attempt to combine information technology, game mechanics, educational pedagogy, and incentives in a synergistic and engaging fashion. Continue reading KC at Meaningful Play 2012

HPU completes 2012 KC

Residents at Hawai‘i Pacific University’s Hawai‘i Loa Campus kicked off the inaugural HPU Kukui Cup challenge on Sept. 17, 2012. The energy and sustainability competition was developed in collaboration with the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa.

“The big thing we’re hoping for is behavior change in eco-literacy — why it’s important to conserve energy and why clean and renewable energy resources are so important,” said HPU sustainability coordinator Josh Prigge.

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