Selected publications

A complete list of Kukui Cup research publications is available here.



General Introduction

To begin, this three minute video provides an introduction for general audiences about the 2011 Kukui Cup:

First Login for players

This next video was shown to players of the 2011 Kukui Cup at their first login, and explains the game and why they might want to participate:

Research: Gamification and the Kukui Cup

A screencast of a five minute “Lightning Talk” on the Kukui Cup given by Philip Johnson at the 2011 Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change conference in Washington, DC:

Game Mechanics for Players

The “Secrets of the Kukui Cup Masters” provides guidance to players of the 2011 Kukui Cup:

Education: Power and Energy

This video is one of the first educational videos shown to players, and explains the difference between power and energy:

2011 Workshop: Recycled Fashion Design

A retrospective of the Recycled Fashion Design workshop at the 2011 Kukui Cup

About Micro-documentaries

We created several “micro-documentaries” during the UH 2012 Kukui Cup.  By “micro-documentaries”, we mean very short videos documenting an event that are filmed, edited, and published (usually to Facebook) within hours after the event occurs. Micro-documentaries appera to increase interest and engagement in the challenge.

Micro-documentary: 2012 Kickoff Party

Micro-documentary: RAs for the Kukui Cup Win!

Micro-documentary: High Energy Arts Workshop

Micro-documentary: Chillaxation Workshop

Micro-documentary: Customize T-Shirt Workshop