Get involved as a developer

If you are a software developer and wish to get involved with the design, implementation, and enhancement of Kukui Cup technology, we would love to have you.

The two principle technologies used in the Kukui Cup are:

WattDepot, an enterprise-level system of energy data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization.   WattDepot is written primarily in Java, though as a service-oriented architecture you could extend the “ecosystem” with applications written in the technology of your choice.

Makahiki, a serious game framework for sustainability.   Makahiki is primarily written in Python and Django.  We recently held a class on serious game design which can provide lots of material that you can use to learn how to work with the system.  The Makahiki Manual provides extensive documentation on the system.

Please contact us if you would like further information about working as a developer on Kukui Cup technology.