KC at Meaningful Play 2012

Philip M. Johnson, Yongwen Xu, Robert S. Brewer, George E. Lee, Michelle Katchuck, and Carleton A. Moore published the paper “Beyond kWh: Myths and fixes for energy competition game design” at the 2012 Meaningful Play conference at Michigan State University.

Abstract: The Kukui Cup project investigates the use of ‘meaningful play’ to facilitate energy awareness, conservation and behavioral change. Each Kukui Cup Challenge combines real world and online environments in an attempt to combine information technology, game mechanics, educational pedagogy, and incentives in a synergistic and engaging fashion.

We challenge players to: (1) acquire more sophistication about energy concepts and (2) experiment with new behaviors ranging from micro (such as turning off the lights or installing a CFL) to macro (such as taking energy-related courses, joining environmental groups, and political/social advocacy.)

Read the full paper here.