2012 UH CNS Energy Scholarship

(Editor’s Note:  This scholarship has been awarded to Ileana Argyrus. See details here.)


To further its mission of advancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), the University of Hawaii College of Natural Sciences is pleased to offer a one semester tuition scholarship to one participant in the 2012 UH Kukui Cup Energy Challenge. You do not have to have declared a major within CNS in order to win!


Selection of the winning student will be done in the two phases. First, a set of seven finalists will be identified. Second, those finalists will be submitted to a committee headed by the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences, who will choose the scholarship recipient.

Choosing the 7 finalists

The seven finalists will consist of four finalists based upon their individual points at the end of the four rounds of the 2012 Kukui Cup. These “round-based” finalists will be augmented by three “at large” finalists, chosen by the Kukui Cup project team.

To qualify as a round-based finalist, you must win one of the four rounds during the 2012 Kukui Cup, unless the winner of the round is already a finalist. In that case, the chosen finalist is the highest ranking player who has not already qualified as a finalist. So, for example, if “Kathy” wins round 1, she becomes the first round-based finalist. If Kathy also wins round 2, then the round-based finalist will be the second highest scoring student for that round. Put another way, once a student qualifies as a round-based finalist, they are not included in determining the subsequent round-based finalists.

In addition to the round-based finalists, three additional finalists will be determined immediately after the conclusion of round 4. These additional finalists will be determined by the Kukui Cup project team based upon the student’s participation in the Kukui Cup over the course of the year. The total number of points accumulated will be a major factor, but other factors (such as the quality of participation) will be taken into account.

Recipient selection

Once the seven finalists have been identified, an application packet for each finalist will be sent to the Dean. This packet will consist of:

  • The finalist’s overall score for the entire year.
  • A summary of their participation in the Kukui Cup over the course of the year created by the Kukui Cup team. This summary will list the accomplishments of the finalist during each round of the competition.
  • A brief biographical statement written by the finalist.

The Dean will create a committee to review the application packets and select the winner, which will be announced in early May.

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship will be equivalent to one semester of in-state, full-time tuition, but will be available to out-of-state students as well.